Cotney Peak Mfg., Inc. creates and sells hand crafted bath & body products as Cotney Peak Body & Bath in Fort Collins Colorado.

Our soap beginnings date back to 1982 in the Midwest where we worked to create the most soothing and hypoallergenic natural soap recipe. After years of learning and creating our own soap recipe we brought this recipe back home to Fort Collins and started Cottage Made Soap, Inc. in 1991. As a small "Mom 'n' Pop" soap company all of our soap was hand mixed, poured, cut and wrapped with care - 30 years later that is still our process.

Cottage Made Soap, Inc. received such favorable response from the community that we started to sell to stores nationwide and presenting our soap at a variety of Renaissance, Trade & Craft Shows across the country. As our soap sales grew so did our knowledge of the need for other high quality hand crafted body & bath products. In the mid 1990's we brought out our hand crafted lotion line created with the same care and attention to detail as our soap. With this natural progression we changed our name to Cotney Peak Mfg., Inc - DBA Cotney Peak Body & Bath. We built our first website and offered the world easy access to the highest quality all natural soap and hand crafted body lotion. Since that story book beginning we have shipped our hand crafted products all over the world.

As our commitment to bring the highest quality of pure, simple and natural products to the public we again expanded our product line to include Specialty Soaps, Natural Mosquito Repellent (No Bug Luv) and Shea Butter Lip Balm. Everything we have created follows our simple commitment to high quality ingredients; hand crafted and packaged with our hands and care….and they are always "Cruelty Free, Never Tested on Animals, Just My Husband!".

Get Your Smell On!

Cotney Peak Family