NO BUG LUV (Mosquito & Bug Repellent) - Gallon

NO BUG LUV (Mosquito & Bug Repellent) - Gallon

Product Details

Buy in Bulk and Save. Our gallon bottle contains approximately 16 – 8oz bottles of No Bug Luv!
You will receive an empty 8oz bottle and Regular Mist Pump with purchase of a Gallon.

This is one of our favorite products that we love and continue to get great feedback from our customers across the country. Our All Natural No Bug Luv . custom blend that we created includes Lemon Eucalyptus, Pennyroyal, Lavender, Lemongrass, Clove, Grape Seed and Cedarwood Oils which create a fantastic, natural mosquito and bug repellent.

If you forget to spray yourself and you get a mosquito bite you can use it as Bite Relief as well! We’ve added Peppermint Oil to soothe the bite and Tea Tree Oil to help heal the bite. Spray directly on bite and re-apply as needed.

Our No Bug Luv is safe to use on pets and children. It won’t leave a sticky layer on your skin and there is no need to wash it off before bedtime.

Instructions: Hold bottle about 12 inches from body and apply firm pressure when depressing pump. Spray liberally, avoid direct contact with eyes. Re-apply as needed, approximately every 3-5 hours, more so with physical exertion or swimming.