Natural Soap - Unpackaged

Natural Soap -  Unpackaged

Product Details

No fancy packaging….Just Soap!

Our All Natural lye soap is handmade from scratch using cold process method with Olive, Coconut, Soy and Palm Oils. It provides a deep clean without drying your skin and is great for those with sensitive skin too!

Choose from 25 different scents and Plain/Unscented. As our soaps are handmade and hand cut, each batch made and each bar cut are unique.

Campers, Cooks, Gardeners, Mechanics, Pine Tar and Tea Tree soaps are our Specialty Soaps which all have their unique purpose. Go to “Specialty Soaps” for more details.

(Unpackaged Soap purchased will be tagged to ensure you know which scents you ordered).

Pictures of Campers, Dragon's Blood, EucalyptusPikake & Coconut and Sandalwood are coming soon!